Eawpat for TiMidity++

TiMidity doesn't work by itself. TiMidity needs the GUS/patch set which is a set of sound patches. There is no WAVE information in midi files, so TiMidity uses GUS/patches to convert midi files to WAVE files. Note that this use of the word wave sound files in midi technical terminology.

Many GUS/patches are available on the internet. Some people collect these patches and make sets of patches for TiMidity. I recommend the patches of Eric A. Welsh <ewelsh@gpc.ibc.wustl.edu>.

If you are using Linux and an RPM of the patches is more to your liking, try here.
or here ftp://urano.iceb.ufop.br/pub/timidity

The following are installation steps for using eawpats (Eric A. Welsh's patch set) with TiMidity++ on Windows.
(If you install eawpats on UNIX, please read "c:\timidity" as "/usr/local/share/timidity".)

  1. Visit http://www.stardate.bc.ca/eawpatches/html/default.htm
  2. Go to `Befor you begin' menu, download WinRAR, and install WinRAR if you don't have one.
    (Use unrar on UNIX)
  3. Go to `Getting Eawpatches' menu, and download eawpats10 (eawpats-full-10.rar)
  4. Make a new directory `c:\timidity' to install Eric's patch set.
  5. Extract eawpats-full-10.rar
  6. Move timidity-gui.exe, timidity-con.exe, and timpp32g.ini into `c:\timidity'
  7. If you are unix user, please edit /usr/local/share/timidity/timidity.cfg
    - comment out line of `dir c:\timidity'
    - comment out line of `dir c:\eawpats'
    - insert line `dir /usr/local/share/timidity' at beginning of the file.