2002-01-18  Masanao Izumo <>

	* Version 2.11.3 released.

2002-01-17  Daisuke Aoki <>

	* configs/msc-config.h,interface/{w32g_i.c,w32g_pref.c,w32g_res.h,
	  - Updated windows version.
	  - Bug fixed about gogo dll.
	  - Bug fixed about dialog menu.
	* script/{dllutl.rb,script/readme.txt}:
	  Dynamic import source generator for dll (vorbis, gogo).

2002-01-17  Thomas Klausner <>

	* timidity/C/timidity.1: Document fixed.

2002-01-16  Saito <>

	* timidity/{playmidi.c,readmidi.c}: Bug fixed

2002-01-16  Kentaro Sato <>

	* timidity/{playmidi.c,readmidi.c}: Bug fixed

2002-01-16  Masanao Izumo <>

	* timidity/instrum.c: Bug fixed.
	* timidity/readmidi.c: Added TIMIDITY_TOOLS macro to build for timidity

2002-01-12  Masanao Izumo <>

	* Version 2.11.2 released.

2002-01-12  Masanao Izumo <>

	* timidity/readmidi.c:
	  Bug fixed about fix_string(strdup(...));

2002-01-09  Masanao Izumo <>

	* config.guess: Updated.
	* config.sub: Updated.
	* (Cygwin): DLL gogo is default if --enable-audio=gogo
	  is specified.

2002-01-08  Masanao Izumo <>

	* Update copyrights.

2002-01-07  Masanao Izumo <>

	* timidity/{timidity.h,mix.c,playmidi.h}:
	  Bug fix about LOOKUP_HACK.
	* timidity/{timidity.c,instrum.c,instrum.h,common.c,common.h,
	  Free config data at end of the main.

2001-12-29  Masanao Izumo <>

	* Version 2.11.1 released.

2001-12-29  Masanao Izumo <>

	* interface/w32g_res.rc: fixed.
	* timidity/timidity.c (Windows): fixed.
	* timidity/timidity.c: Try to continue even if any configuration
	  file is not found.
	* interface/{w32g_ini.c,w32g.h}: fixed.

2001-12-27  Masanao Izumo <>

	* Version 2.11.0 released.

2001-12-27  Masanao Izumo <>

	* timidity/{wave_a.c,output.c}: Move create_auto_output_name() from
	  wave_a.c to output.c.
	* interface/{w32g_vorbisenc_dll.c,w32g_vorbis_dll.c,w32g_ogg_dll.c},
	  Move them from interface to timidity.

2001-12-26  Saito <>

	* timidity/sndfont.c: Bug fixed about LFO.

2001-12-26  Thomas Klausner <>

	* timidity/sun_a.c: Fixed the way to find the audio queue size
	  on NetBSD.

2001-12-26  Masanao Izumo <>
            Daisuke Aoki <>

	* timidity/{timidity.c,wave_a.c,w32_gogo.h,w32_gogo.c,vorbis_a.c,
	  - Marge windows code.
	  - Update windows resource.

2001-12-25  Masanao Izumo <>

	* timidity/w32_a.c: Close&Open to reset/flush the audio device.

2001-12-23  Thomas Klausner <>

	* doc/C/timidity.1: Updated.

2001-12-23  Masanao Izumo <>

	* timidity/aq.c (aq_flush): Bug fixed.
  	* timidity/vorbis_a.c: Enable to encode to variable sample rates.

2001-12-20  Masanao Izumo <>

	* timidity/playmidi.c: Bug fix.
	* interface/ncurs_c.c: Chaged from 3 to 4 digits in audio queue
	* timidity/common.c: Fixed security probrem

2001-11-28  Miloslav Trmac <>

	* interface/{dumb_c.c,slang_c.c,xaw_c.c,xskin_c.c}:
	  Fixed some probrems.

2001-11-19  Eric A. Welsh <>

	* timidity/playmidi.c:
	  Fixed a bug and reduced voice cancellation in Chorus Mode 2.
	  Mod files and drums can still cancel on some full Left/Right pans.

	* timidity/mod.c:
	  Portas are now handled correctly for Ultimate Soundtracker mods.

2001-11-10  Daisuke Nagano <>

	* doc/C/timidity.1: Updated.
2001-11-05  Saito <>

	* timidity/sndfont.c:
	  Updates do_lowpass().

2001-10-25  Takashi Iwai <>

	* timidity/sndfont.c: Bug fix.

2001-10-23  Lalit Chhabra <>

	* timidity/sun_a.c:
	  Modified the sun_a.c file so that it checks for the AUDIODEV
	  environment variable and sets the sun audio device accordingly.

2001-10-19  Saito <>

	* timidity/{mix.c,mix.h,playmidi.c,playmidi.h,readmidi.c,readmidi.h,
	  - Updates Win32GUI version.
	  - Improved GS SysEx
	  - Added attack/release/decay-time(CC/NRPN tone/NRPN dram)
	  - Added drum level
	  - Added CC#94 pseudo delay (like chorus method)
	  - Adjusted reverb level
	  - Added resonance filter
	  - Modified enverope attack
	  - Adjusted velocity
	  - Supported user drumset (SC-88)
	  - Added some GS SysEx'es.

2001-10-10  Frederic LOYER <>

	* timidity/sffile.h: Bug fix.
	  Change uint8 pitchCorrection to int8 pitchCorrection.
2001-10-09  Masanao Izumo <>

	* Windows: Use w32_a.c instead of w32g_a.c

	* timidity/common.c: safe_malloc(), safe_large_malloc(): Modified to
	  avoid malloc(0).

	* libunimod/{load_xm.c,load_imf.c,load_it.c,load_uni.c}:
	  Strip gcc warnings.

	* Upgrade develop environment:
	  - automake 1.5
	  - autoconf 2.5x
	  - libtool 1.4.x

2001-06-25  Forever shall I be. <>

	* Vorbis 1.0 support.

2001-06-25  Masanao Izumo <>

	* timidity/{m2m.c,freq.c}:
	  Change global variables to static.
	* interface/xaw_c.c: Bugfix for displaying title in random play mode.

2001-06-24  Hiroshi Yamashita <>

	* timidity/{instrum.c,instrum.h,playmidi.c,sndfont.c}:
	  Enable to display SoundFont name.
	* interface/{xaw_c.c,xaw_i.c}:
	  Support CTLE_DRUMPART message in xaw interface.

2001-06-16  Eric A. Welsh <>

	* timidity/{m2m.c,freq.c}:
	  Remove some unused variables, and recast one of the
	  functions to void.

2001-05-31  Eric A. Welsh <>

	* timidity/readmidi.c: Bugfix about restarting.

2001-05-29  Eric A. Welsh <>

	* timidity/{output.c,playmidi.c,modmid_a.c,freq.c,freq.h,m2m.c},
	  New feature: MOD to MIDI conversion.

2001-05-29  Eric A. Welsh <>

	* timidity/instrum.c:
	  GUS sample pans are calculated correctly now.  The old method
	  resulted in most pans being off by -4.
	* timidity/{mix.c,playmidi.c,playmidi.h,timidity.h}:
	  New SMOOTH_MIXING define.  Any changes to left_mix or right_mix are
	  now smoothed over a 0.5 msec window, eliminating "cliffs" which
	  could result in popping noises.  This should be defined by default.
	* timidity/mod2midi.c:
	  period2note patch from Paolo Bonzini (you should already have this).
	  New shrink_huge_sample(Sample *sp) function.  Some mod samples are
	  bigger than 1 meg (the maximum size in TiMidity++) and need to be
	  resampled down to fit under the limit.
	* timidity/mod.c:
	  Tempo/BPM events are implemented more "correctly" now.
	  Sample pans are no longer applied twice (which was usually resulting
	  in everything coming out of the left speaker).

2001-05-26  Marcus Herbert <>

	* timidity/mod.h, libunimod/load_okt.c: Change CR/LF -> LF
	* libunimod/load_med.c, timidity/wrd_read.c: Fix cast probrems.

2001-05-05  Paolo Bonzini <>

        * timidity/mod2midi.c (period2note): always pick the
	  closest note instead of the lowest one.

2001-04-06  Takaya Nogami <>

	* timidity/resample.c: Bug fix.

2001-04-05  Joakim Verona <>

	* interface/alsaseq_c.c: Bug fix about quiet channel

2001-03-24  David Lawrence Ramsey <>

	* timidity/readmidi.c: support for RMI/RMID/RMIDI files.

2001-03-18  Masanao Izumo <>

	* Version 2.10.4 released.

2001-03-13  Masanao Izumo <>

	* timidity/w32_a.c: decreased acntl() PM_REQ_GETQSIZ size
	  because of audio blocking.

2001-03-13  Masanao Izumo <>

	* Apply lost patches.

2001-03-10  Masanao Izumo <>

	* Version 2.10.3 released.

2001-02-24  Eric A. Welsh <>

	* timidity/readmidi.c: Improved XG SYSEX support.

2001-02-20  Ron Akkersdijk <>

	* interface/xaw_i.c: Bug fix.
	  1) Selecting "LoadALL" in the fileselecor didn't work.
	  Adding a "/" at the end of the 'p' string did the trick ;-)
	  2) I think XtVaSetValues free's whatever memory it got from
	     the caller the previous time. So ultimately it tries to
	     free local var 'currdir' (which was nevered malloced)
	     Solution: Copy 'currdir' to heapspace (new strsav routine).
	     Of course this may have introduced a memory leak 8-)
	* timidity/common.c: Bug fix.
	  Electric Fence doesn't like it if you try to alloc 0 bytes.
	  Besides, why first malloc 0 bytes and then check for a 0
	  bogus count afterwards.
	  Hmm, requesting 0 bytes should never happen doesn't it;
	  We are actually "repairing" an error made elsewhere 8-)

2000-02-15  Paolo Bonzini  <>

	* libunimod/load_stx.c: fix a crash if the tracker that made
	  an STX file is not recognized
	* libunimod/mlutil.c: fixed false negatives in recognizing
	  STM files.

2000-11-09  Masanao Izumo <>

	* timidity/playmidi.c: Fixed to update interface display.
	*, timidity/oss_a.c: Added new test for <soundcard.h>
	* timidity/oss_a.c: ioctl() has three arguments.
	*, timidity/oss_a.c: In OpenBSD OSS,
	  use /dev/audio instead of /dev/dsp
	*, In OpenBSD, Added new test for -lcurses for ncurses
	*, Added new test for -lossaudio
	* timidity/{readmidi.c,playmidi.c}: Trial change for GX.

2000-11-06  Eric A. Welsh <>

	* timidity/mod.c: The XM E1,E2,EA,EB,X1,X2 effects were all
	  implemented improperly before.
2000-11-02  Masanao Izumo <>

	* Version 2.10.2 released.

2000-11-01  Masanao Izumo <>

	* interface/alsaseq_c.c: Set time tick resolution to 100Hz.
	* timidity/aq.c: Bug fix.
	* interface/xaw_.c.: Bug fix.

2000-10-22  Masanao Izumo <>

	* timidity/mod.c: Bug fix.

2000-10-18  Masanao Izumo <>

	* Version 2.10.1 released.

2000-10-17  Paolo Bonzini <>

	Merged with libmikmod 3.1.9

	* libunimod/ added load_okt.c

	* libunimod/load_imf.c: envelopes weren't loaded correctly. The first
	envelope point was correct, the remaining half points were bogus, and
	the other half completely random.
	* libunimod/load_m15.c: effect 0xc (set channel volume) with effect
	parameter 0xff was misplayed as a note cut.  Effects 0x1, 0x2 and 0x3
	(portamentos) with effect parameter 0x00 were using the command
	memory, but these commands do not have effect memory for MOD files.
	* libunimod/load_med.c: use better variable names.
	* libunimod/load_mod.c: same as load_m15.c
	* libunimod/load_okt.c: new file.
	* libunimod/load_stm.c: recognize Wuzamod STM modules.  Plus, fixed
	sample rate.
	* libunimod/load_stx.c: recognize MOD2STM and Wuzamod STM modules.
	Plus, fixed sample rate.
	* libunimod/load_uni.c: recognize recent APlayer modules (.APUN
	format level 0x104)
	* libunimod/load_xm.c: same as load_imf.c

	* libunimod/mloader.c: register the Oktalyzer loader
	* libunimod/mlutil.c: moved the STM module signatures here, so that
	the STX loader can use them
	* libunimod/unimod_priv.h: moved the STM module signatures here, so
	that the STX loader can use them

	* timidity/mod.c: enabling the envelope (with an effect) for a sample
	with no associated envelope would cause immediate coredumps.  Also
	fixed arpeggio memory (which was ignored) and tempo slide (which
	was processed incorrectly).

2000-10-02  Daisuke Aoki <>

    * utils/nkflib.c: Update newer version.

2000-08-30  Masanao Izumo <>
    * interface/{,}:
	Added target of and
2000-08-29  Masanao Izumo <>

    * interface/x_sherry.c: Remove memory leak.

2000-08-26  Henrique M. Holschuh <>

    * Bug fixed about dynamic_interface_id
    * Added interface_?.txt files
2000-08-20  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/mix.c(sustain): Changed behavior to not begin the decay until
	after the sample plays past it's loop start.

2000-08-09  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Version 2.10.0 released.

2000-08-08  Masanao Izumo <>

    * interface/{w32g_ini.c,w32g_utl.c,w32g_utl.h},timidity/w32g_a.c:
	Change data_block_time to data_block_bits.

2000-07-24  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/wave_a.c: Enable to write each separated wav file if `-o'
	command line option is omitted.
	The output filename is automatically generated from the input MIDI
	filename.  The file extention is changed to ".wav".
    * timidity/au_a.c: Likewise.
    * timidity/aiff_a.c: Likewise.
    * timidity/raw_a.c: Likewise.

2000-07-21/2000-07-24  Takashi SHIRAI <>

    * timidity/oss_a.c: Bug fixed for the calculation of the counter.
2000-07-20  Masanao Izumo <>

    * configure: Added new options.
		Specify include directories (colon separated)
		Specify library directories (colon separated)
    * configure: Check <vorbis/modes.h> and -lvorbis
    * vorbis_a.c: Supported Ogg Vorbis output: -Ov
	This feature is enabled if TiMidity is configured with
	--enabel-audio=default,vorbis option.

2000-07-18  Takashi Iwai <>

    * interface/alsaseq_c.c: Enabled OSS emulation.

2000-07-15  Takashi Iwai <>

    * interface/alsaseq_c.c: Added new interface:
	TiMidity as ALSA sequencer client.  This interface enabled if
	the timidity is configured with --enable-alsaseq.

2000-07-15  Masanao Izumo <>

    * option -Bn,m sets audio buffer fragments as n, and audio buffer size
	as 2^n.  Specify -1 for default.

    * timidity/{playmidi.c,playmidi.h}: audio_buffer_bits and audio_buffer_size
	are parameter.

    * timidity/aq.c: Modified.

2000-07-05  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Version 2.9.5 released.
2000-07-04  Daisuke Aoki <>

    * interface/{w32g.h,w32g_c.c,w32g_i.c,w32g_ini.c,w32g_playlist.c,
	timidity.c}: Upgrade Windows version.

2000-06-29  Randolph Bentson <>

    * doc/C/timidity.cfg.5: Fixed error in the documentation.

2000-06-24  Yoichi Imai <>

    * interface/gtk_i.c: Support for 5 button mouse to scroll window.

    * doc/C/timidity.cfg.5: Fixed error in the documentation.

2000-05-29  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/readmidi.c (readmidi_add_event): Avoid negative timestamp.

2000-05-24  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Version 2.9.4 released.

2000-05-17  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Fixed automake 1.4 bug, and updated files using this fixed
      version of automake.  The automake patch is available from:

2000-05-17  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * resample.c: Fixed drum portament bug.
    * timidity/{instrum.c,sndfont.c}: Enable pre_resampling().

2000-05-12  Katsuhiro Ueno <>

    * timidity/alsa_a.c: Support for ALSA 0.6

2000-05-09  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/resample.c: Fixed drum portament bug.

2000-05-08  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Version 2.9.3 released.

2000-05-08  Masanao Izumo <>

    * interface/{,}: Changed target dependancy for
	tclIndex not to change tclIndex unless the tcl-sources are changed.

2000-04-20  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/{resample.c,recache.c,playmidi.c}: Fix the previous patch.
	- Drum & Sample pan fix.
	- Remove pre_resampling().
	- And else...

2000-04-15  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/playmidi.c: Fixed voice reduction control.
    * timidity/{instrum.c,sndfont.c}: Removed the pre_resampling() calls
	in order to enable drum pitch bends.
    * timidity/readmidi.c: Remove duplicated code.
    * timidity/playmidi.c: Enable to get chorus level in drum channel.

2000-04-14  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/playmidi.c: Fixed pan pot

2000-04-12  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/alsa_a.c(PF_BUFF_FRAGM_OPT):  Added the flag.

2000-04-12  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/recache.c: Bug fixed.

2000-04-11  Takashi SHIRAI <>

    * timidity/oss_a.c: Fixed for OSS version of !defined(SNDCTL_DSP_GETODELAY).

2000-04-10  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Version 2.9.2 released.

2000-03-30  Masanao Izumo <>
            (Bug reported by Takeyuki Uehara <>)

    * interface/ncurses.c: Fixed probrem that all channel statuses are reseted
      if the key `t' is pressed.

2000-03-28  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/readmidi.c: Bug fixed about reading SMF track boundary.

2000-03-23,26  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/{resample.c,recache.c}: Fixed problem of cspline interpolation.

2000-03-21  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Version 2.9.1 released.

2000-03-20  Masanao Izumo <>
    * libarc/arc_tar.c: Fixed memory leak.
    * libarc/url.c: url_dump(): Avoid return NULL if nbytes is zero.
    * timidity/controls.h: Redefine RC_NONE
    * timidity/wrdt.c: __W32G__ => IA_W32GUI
    * timidity/mod2midi.c: period2note(): Fixed to search the period note
      between 0 and 119.

2000-03-12  Eric A. Welsh <>
    * timidity/recache.c: cache_resampling()
	Cache resampling should be the same as what is used for
	non-cached notes, or else things will sound strange
    * timidity/playmidi.c: compute_data()
	reduce_quality_flag was being set while the buffer was being
	filled (beginning of file, or after an unpause).
	!aq_fill_buffer_flag keeps this from happening.
	Also, the flag was sometimes being set due to round off errors
	when it should not have been.  The (double) casting and < 99.5
	check fix this problem.

2000-03-12  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/playmidi.c: fixed bug when resampling hit the end
    of a sample (mixing did not happen for the last portion of the
    * timidity/resample.c: set voice[i].timeout to 1 when resampling
    hits the end of a sample

2000-03-11  Paolo Bonizni <>

    * timidity/mod.c: Fixed effect Fxy interpretation (xy=32 sets
    speed, not tempo)
    * timidity/readmidi.[ch]: added tempo_adjust variable
    * timidity/timidity.c: added -T option

2000-03-11  Daisuke Aoki <>
	* configs/msc-config.h,
		Upgrade Windows version.
		- Enable to resize Doc Window and List Window.  And also
		  enable to select the font.
		- Fixed bugs for displaying
	* libarc/arc_lzh: Fixed some probrems

2000-03-08  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/{playmidi.h}: Change ME_PATCH_OFFS enum position.
    * timidity/{mod2midi.c} (period2note): Fix to scan period_table[0..119].

2000-03-08  Paolo Bonzini <>

    * timidity/{mod.c,mod2midi.c}: Bug fix

2000-03-07  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/mod2midi.c: Check error condition of return value of
      period2note, and use ctl->cmsg() to display the warning message
      instead of printf().

2000-03-06  Paolo Bonzini <>

    * timidity/mod2midi.c: Bug fix
    * timidity/playmidi.c (ME_PATCH_OFFS): Bug fix

2000-03-05  Paolo Bonzini <>

    * timidity/mod.c: fixed endless loop in the player
    * timidity/mod2midi.c: Voice_SetPeriod does not reset the sample (involved
      switching from ME_EXPRESSION to ME_KEYPRESSURE for volumes). Changed
      release time to 80 msec.
    * timidity/readmidi.h: made MidiEventList a doubly-linked list
    * timidity/readmidi.c: implemented doubly-linked-list in readmidi_add_event,
      and removed BACKWARD_EVENT_OK because the new implementation
      removed the inefficiency of backward events.

2000-03-05  Sawada Keiji <>

    * libarc/url_ftp.c: Bug fix.

2000-03-04  Mikhail Yakshin <>

    * timidity/{timidity.c,common.c}: Convert the text code
      from windows-1251 to koi8-r with command line option `-t 1251'.

2000-03-03  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/C/timidity.cfg.5,timidity/ja_JP.ujis/timidity.cfg.5: update.

2000-03-02  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/timidity.c (-R): Reset pseudo reverb (modify release)
	if `-R -1' is specified.
    * timidity/mod2midi.c: Enable to change release envelope time of
	the module file if command line option `-R' is specified.

2000-03-02  Paolo Bonzini <>

    * timidity/mod2midi.c: Solves a problem with low notes.

2000-02-27  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Version 2.9.0 released.

2000-02-24  Masanao Izumo <>

    * doc/C/timidity.cfg.5,doc/ja_JP.ujis/timidity.cfg.5 (#extension opt):
      Fixed documentation error.
    * libunimod/unimod.h (CHAR): Fixed redefiend error on Windows.

2000-02-19  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/{playmidi.c,controls.h (CTLE_PROGRAM): Change control interface
      of program event.
    * timidity/{playmidi.c,controls.h (CTLE_DRUMPART): New event interface.
    * interface/ncurs_c.c: Change somethings...
    * interface/{gtk_c.cx_sherry.c},libunimod/{mloader.c,unimod.h},
	Shut gcc warning up.
    * libunimod/{unimod.h,unimod_priv.h}: WIN32 => __W32__
    * timidity/playmici.c: Fixed key up/down for MOD file playing.

2000-02-18  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/resample.c (FINALINTERP): Ignore.
      Now, TiMidity does not hit the end out of data, and ignores a final
    * timidity/playmidi.c: Avoid overlapped voice when MOD file is playing.
    * interface/ncurs_c.c,timidity/playmidi.c: Fixed a indicator probrem.

2000-02-16  Paolo Bonzini <>

	mod2midi.h,readmici.c,readmidi.c}: Support full module player.

2000-02-16  Paolo Bonzini <>

    * libarc/{url.h,url.c}: Bug fix

2000-02-15  Masanao Izumo <>

    * libarc/url.c (url_expand_home_dir): Bug fix of buffer-overrun.

2000-02-07  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Version 2.8.2 released.

2000-02-07  Katsuhiro Ueno <>

    * timidity/alsa_a.c: Improved.

2000-02-07  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/alsa_a.c: Fixed for ALSA 0.4
	Add a test of -lpdcurses for the curses library.
	Use *-*-cygwin* for matching $target to CYGWIN.
    * all files: Update copyright line.

2000-02-02  Katsuhiro Ueno <>

    * timidity/{aq.c,aq.h,output.h,timidity.c,alsa_a.c}:
      Support for ALSA 0.5

2000-01-10  Peter Stuer <>

    * timidity/w32_a.c: Fixed dead-lock probrem on NT (for console version).

2000-01-09  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/{recache.c,resample.c}: Optimized.

2000-01-06  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/playmici.c: Fixed a bug of random pan.

2000-01-13  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/sndfont.c (def_drum_inst): Removed.

2000-01-09  Masanao Izumo <>

    * config.sub config.guss install-sh: Update new version from autoconf 2.13
    * Fixed variable substitution rules.

1999-12-24  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/ Fixed typo.

1999-12-20  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/instrum.c: Bug fix.

1999-12-02  Piotr Auksztulewicz <>

    * timidity/output.c: Fixed missing of semicolon.

1999-11-29  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Version 2.8.1 released.

1999-11-29  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/timidity.c,interface/{gtk_c.c,motif_c.c,w32g_i.c,w32g_util.c,
      w32g_ini.c,wrdt_wcon.c,xaw_c.c}: Bug fixes about over-running in strncpy.

1999-11-24  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Fix typoes

1999-11-19  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/playmidi.c (reduce_voice_CPU):  Obsoleted.  Use reduce_voice()
      instead of reduce_voice_CPU().

1999-11-24  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Version 2.8.0 released.

1999-11-24  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/playmidi.c (start_note): Reset porta_control_counter.

1999-11-19  Masanao Izumo <>
            Takaya Nogami <>
    * Imported Macinotsh sources from the 1999.10.31 of T.Nogami released.

1999-11-19  Masanao Izumo <>
    * timidity/resample.c (rs_plain): Bug fixed about PRECALC_LOOPS counter.
      This bug from the original of TiMidity.
	Original form: i = (le - ofs) / incr + 1;		(Original)
	Fixed form:    i = (le - ofs + incr - 1) / incr;	(Correct)
    * timidity/wrd_read.c: Check 0x20 command in the header block.

1999-11-18  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/timidity.c (-M name): New command line switch.
	-M auto: Use *.mid.wav or *.mid.aiff instread of MIDI to WAVE
		 convertion.  The PCM file format must be 16bit sample and
		 the sampling rate equals as timidity's rate.
        -M none: Disable this feature (default)
        -M <filename>: Use the specified file.

1999-11-17  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/playmidi.c (reduce_voice(), reduce_voice_CPU()):
      Improved chorus reduction.
    * timidity/timidity.c: Changed the -h information displayed for -EFchorus=2

1999-11-16  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/playmidi.c: New variable `char *pcm_alternate_file'.
      NULL or "none":  Don't use any pre-converted pcm files.
      "auto": Automatically select *.mid.wav or *.mid.aiff
      filename: Use the specified file.

1999-11-16  Masanao Izumo <>

    *,timidity/timidity.h: New configure option to choose
      wave interpolation in resampling.
	--enable-spline=linear		Linear interpolation (default)
	--enable-spline=cubic		Cubic interpolation
	--enable-spline=lagrange	Lagrange interpolation
	--enable-spline=no		No interplation

1999-11-12  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/{playmidi.h,playmidi.c}: Modified chorus implementations
    * interface/{,}: Added tclIndex in the package.
      If *.tcl are updated, tclIndex is automatically update with make.

1999-11-07  Takaya Nogami <>

    * timidity/{playmidi.c,readmidi.h}: 
      Use pre-converted file *.mid.wav or *.mid.aiff file to play *.mid
      if it is exists.

1999-11-06  Glenn Trigg <>

    * interface/{gtk_c.c,gtk_h.h,gtk_i.c}:
      Added support for printing the lyrics from .kar files
      and also make the text area clear between files.

1999-10-26  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/instrum.c: Bug fixes.
      It is possible that (OFS>>FRACTION_BITS)+1 will yield a value which is 1
      beyond the length of the sample.  This happens when OFS < data_length,
      but (OFS>>FRACTION_BITS) == (data_length>>FRACTION_BITS).

1999-10-25  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/playmidi.c: Support adjust panning for chorus'd notes.
      This fix would remove "popping" noises.

1999-10-24  Michael Vanier <>

    * README: Proofread.

1999-10-17  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/{mix.h,mix.c,timidity.c} (-m N): New command line switch, and
      implemented envelope_volume decay.
      N is the minimum number of msec to sustain a sustained note.

	-m 1	Effectively behaves as if all sustains are ignored,
		volume ramping is the same as normal stage 3.
	-m 0	Disable sustain ramping, causes constant volume sustains.
	-m 3000	A note at full volume will decay for 3 seconds once it begins
		to be sustained (assuming the regular stage 3 rate would not
		cause it to decay even longer). Softer notes will of course
		die sooner.

1999-10-15  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/playmidi.c: Improvement to -EFchorus=2

1999-10-15  Tomoki Aono <>

    * interface/{,}: Fixed a mistake of Makefile

1999-10-12  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Version 2.7.0 released.

1999-10-12  Masanao Izumo <>

    * NEWS,ChangeLog,ChangeLog.1,interface/xaw_redef.c: Fix typos.
    * timidity/readmidi.c (groom_list): Bug fix
    * interface/w32g_ini.c,timidity/{timidity.c,common.c,common.h (str2mID):
      Utility function to convert string to Manufacture ID.  This function
      is moved from w32g_ini.c to common.c, and used global.
    * timidity/{timidity.c,readmidi.h,readmidi.c}: -EM<HH>: New option.
      Use midi system as <HH>: <HH> is `gs', `xg', or `gm'.

1999-10-05  Masanao Izumo <>

    * interface/w32g_playlist.c (w32g_add_playlist): Bug fix
    * timidity/playlist.c (adjust_panning_immediately): True by default.
      adjust_panning_immediately toggle on/off with -F option.
      If this flag is true, currently-sounding pan position is changed
      when a Panpot message is received.  Otherwise, the pan position is
      changed when starting with the next note.

1999-10-04  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/{readmidi.c,readmidi.h}: Fixed bug of random drum panning.

1999-10-01  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/readmidi.c: Modified GS Sysex for bank+program change.

1999-09-29  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/readmidi.c: Added GS Sysex for bank+program change.

1999-09-27  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Version 2.6.1 released.

1999-09-27  Masanao Izumo <>

    * AUTHORS,timidity/timidity.c,timidity/w32g_i.c:
      Changed E-mail address of Davide Moretti from <>
      to <>

1999-09-27  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/{playmidi.h,playmidi.c}: Fixed bug of random panning.
      Added new Channel structure member `int pan_random' for random pan flag.
      Note that all of dynamic interfaces must be re-compiled,
      because the size of `Channel' structure is changed.
1999-09-26  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/readmidi.c (XG SysEx): Support for XG Multi Part Data
      parameter change SysEx events.

1999-09-25  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/{readmidi.c,playmidi.c}:
      Set MSB/LSB bank zero by default, except that XG MSB Bank of channel 10
      is 127 by default.

1999-09-21  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/timidity.c (-EFchorus=2): Bug fix.
      Typo in timidity.c 2.6.0, opt_surround_chorus never set.

1999-09-21  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Version 2.6.0 released.

1999-09-21  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/rcp.c: Bug fix of SameMeassure.
    * interface/vt100_c.c (ctl_current_time): Bug fix of displaying bold.

1999-09-20  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/aq.c (aq_samples): Save PM_REQ_GETSAMPLES value if the acntl()
    * timidity/sun_a.c: Implement PM_REQ_GETFILLED and PM_REQ_GETSAMPLES of

1999-09-17  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/{timidity.c,playmidi.c,playmidi.h} (new_chorus_voice_alternate):
      To use the surround sound instead of detuned chorus.
      It is enabled with -EFchorus=2 or -EFchorus=2,level option
      (level := [0..63])

1999-09-14  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/timidity.c (set_channel_flag): Bug fixed

1999-09-12  Shusuke Nisiyama <>

    * timidity/timidity.c (fpsetmask): On FreeBSD, remove FP_X_DZ frag
      from fp mask.

1999-09-10  Norikatsu Shigemura <>

    * Use $CC instead of ld for $SHLD of NetBSD.

1999-09-09  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Version 2.6.0-beta4 released for test version.

1999-09-08  Masanao Izumo <>
    * interface/x_sherry.c: Bug fix.
    * interface/{wrd_read.c,x_sherry.c}: Support part of the sherry ver.2.

1999-09-07  Masanao Izumo <>

    *, Fix missing of DEFAULT_PATH.
    * acinclude.m4: Add gtk.m4

1999-09-06  Katsuhiro Ueno <>

    * timidity/common.c (pathcmp): Bug fixed.
    * timidity/{acinclude.m4,}: Fix misspelled comment and
      remove garbage of output.

1999-09-06  Masanao Izumo <>
    * timidity/alsa_c.c:
	Check output rate with snd_pcm_playback_status.
	PM_REQ_GETSAMPLES, and PM_REQ_FLUSH are supported.
1999-09-05  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Version 2.6.0-beta3 released for test version.

1999-09-05  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/{readmidi.c,playmidi.c}: On XG mode, ignore the program
      change without bank select LSB.

1999-09-05  Yasuhide Oomori <>

    * interface/gtk_i.c (gtk_set_locale): Enable locale.

1999-09-04  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/{common.c,common.h} (pathcmp): New function to compare the path.
    * timidity/{common.c,common.h} (pathcasecmp): Obsoleted.
    * timidity/common.c (add_to_pathlist): Remove the duplicated path
      from `pathlist'.
    * interface/w32g_playlist.c: Use pathcmp() to compare the path.

1999-09-03  Masanao Izumo <>

    * (PKGDATADIR, PKGLIBDIR): New macro which is for
      $(pkgdatadir) and $(pkglibdir).
    * interface/xaw_i.c (XAW_BITMAP_DIR): New macro.
      XAW bitmap files are in XAW_BITMAP_DIR.
    *, timidity/timidity.h (TCL_DIR): Remove it from cpp flag.
    *,interface/tk_c.c (TKPROGPATH): Remove it from cpp flag.
      Add the definition in tk_c.c.
    *,timidity/timidity.c: SHARED_LIB_PATH -> SHLIB_DIR

1999-09-02  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/dl_cygwin32.c -> timidity/dl_w32.c
    * timidity/{dl_w32.c,dl_dld.c,dl_dlopen.c,dl_hpux.c,dlutils.h} (dl_free):
      New function to unload dynamic link handler.
    * interface/dynamic_c.c: Make a hook to call dl_free() on ctl->close().
    * acinclude.m4, Search and test for NAS library.
    * Add --with-nas-library=library to specify NAS
      library with absolute path.  Note that -laudio can not be used
      because it is possible -laudio is not NAS library.
    * Add --with-nas-includes=dir to specify the NAS
      include directory.
    * libarc/url_file.c: On Windows, use mapped-file to read the file.
    * timidity/timidity.c (handler): Only mark `intr'.
    * interface/w32g_i.c: Use WaitSingleObject() to wait to terminate
      the thread.

1999-09-02  Yasuhide Oomori <>

    * INSTALL, Update documentation to match new configuration

1999-09-01  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Modify action of --enable-dynamic[=mode_list].

1999-09-01  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Version 2.6.0-beta2 released for test version.

1999-09-01  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Modify action of --enable-audio[=mode_list].
    * (--enable-interface[=interface_list]):  New configure
      option.  Specify comma separated interface list.  For example:
    *,timidity/timidity.c: If default audio is not specified,
      remove TIMIDITY_OUTPUT_ID macro from compiler option.

1999-08-31  Yasuhide Oomori <>

    * timidity/oss_a.c: dsp_play_mode -> oss_play_mode

1999-08-31  Kei Hibino <>

    * (SHELL): AC_SUBST() for autoconf-2.12
    * (slang.h): Add new test.

1999-08-31  Katsuhiro Ueno <>

    * acinclude.m4: Bug fixed.

1999-08-30  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Version 2.6.0-beta1 released for test version.

1999-08-30  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/playmidi.c (midi_program_change): Bug fixed.
    * enable_audio_opt -> have_audio_opt
    * timidity/hpux_a.c: Use 'A' for HPUX network audio (Alib) instead of 'n'.
      Rename linux_a.c to oss_a.c
      Rename AU_LINUX to AU_OSS.
      Split AU_HPUX into AU_HPUX_AUDIO and AU_HPUX_ALIB.
    * (Audio options): --enable-audio[=mode_list]
      `mode_list' is comma separated mode list:
		dev:  (default)
		      /dev/dsp    (Linux, FreeBSD, BSD/OS)
		      /dev/sb_dsp (BSD/OS)
		      /dev/audio  (Sun, NetBSD, HPUX)
		      IRIX audio or OSF/1 MME
		      Windows MMS
		oss:  OSS /dev/dsp (Exclusive dev mode)
		alsa: ALSA pcm device
		alib: HPUX network audio (Alib)
		nas:  NAS - Network Audio System
		esd:  EsounD
		compiles and links ALSA, NAS, and EsounD audio output.
      By default, --enable-audio=dev.
    * timidity.c(TIMIDITY_OUTPUT_ID): Environment shell variable to
      specify output mode id.
    *<mode>): Support more output modes.

1999-08-28  Katsuhiro Ueno <>

      enable-dynamic -> dynamic
      If the compiler is gcc, use it for SHLD instead of ld.
    *, timidity/output.c (--with-default-output=<mode>):
      New configure option to specify default output mode.
    * interface/bitmaps/
      $(TIMID_DIR)/bitmaps -> $(TCL_DIR)/bitmaps
    * (TIMID_DIR):
      Set $(pkgdatadir) instead of $(pkglibdir).
      *** CAUTION ***: The default configuration file is replaced to
    *,, interface/ (SHLIB_DIR):
      New makefile macro.  SHLIB_DIR is used to specify the directory
      which contains dynamic TiMidity interfaces.
    *, timidity/
      Add -rdynamic option for gcc if --enable-dynamic.
    * interface/dynamic_c.c, timidity/timidity.c:
      Pass dynamic_control_mode.flags to dynamic interface.

1999-08-27  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Version 2.5.1 released.

1999-08-27  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/aq.c: Bug fixed.  Avoid infinite loop in aq_flush();
    * timidity/{output.h,aq.c,w32g_a.c} (PM_REQ_OUTPUT_FINISH): 
    * interface/{x_wrdt.c,x_sherry.c}, (ENABLE_SHERRY): Bug fix.

1999-08-26  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/linux_a.c (ignore_processed_probrem, BYTES_PROCESSED_BUGFIX):
    * timidity/linux_a.c (SNDCTL_DSP_GETOPTR, SNDCTL_DSP_GETODELAY): Use
      SNDCTL_DSP_GETODELAY instead of SNDCTL_DSP_GETOPTR to calculate
      sample point.
    * interface/w32g_utl.c: Bug fixed about the chorus and reverb settings.

1999-08-26  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Version 2.5.0 released.

1999-08-26  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/linux_a.c(ignore_processed_probrem): Ignore to fix
      the byte processed problem if any errors occur.
      Why count_info.bytes doesn't stop even if the process is suspended?
    * Remove -rdynamic option from $g_so_libs.

1999-08-25  Masanao Izumo <>

    * libarc/url_dir.c: If !unix, Don't use i-node to compare the directory.
    * configs/{msc-config.h,msc-interface.h,msc-sjis.txt}: Configuration
      header files for MSC.
    * Added script to distribute configs/*
    * timidity/playmidi.c (Voice Reduction): Avoid division by zero.

1999-08-25  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/resample.c(RESAMPLATION): Optimization of macro for
      cspline with linear fallback.

1999-08-24  Masanao Izumo <>

    * interface/{,,w32g.h,w32g_c.c,w32g_i.c,
      Update new version of Windows GUI.
      Changes for MSC version.
    *, X Resources for XAW interface.
    * timidity/playmidi.c (compute_data): Fix division by zero.

1999-08-21  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/{output.h,playmidi.c,w32g_a.c} (PM_REQ_PLAY_END): New macro.
	PM_REQ_PLAY_END is called just after playing.
    * timidity/playmici.c (midi_program_change): Don't load instrument
      if !(play_mode->flag & PF_PCM_STREAM)
    * timidity/list_a.c (ME_PROGRAM): Call midi_program_change() to
      change the program.
    * timidity/list_a.c (channel): static -> extern.
    * timidity/list_a.c (start_list_a, end_list_a): New function.
	start_list_a(): Initialize internal variable.
	end_list_a(): Report internal variable.
    * interface/{w32g_c.c,w32g_i.c,w32g_pref.c} (List Midi Event `l'):
      Supported.  This output mode is useful to check what kind of patche
      is used.

1999-08-20  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/{playmidi.c,playmidi.h,resample.h,timidity.c}
      (cspline and lagrange interpolation):
      reduce_quality_flag: New variable to reduce CPU load for
	cspline and lagrange interpolation.  TiMidity turns
	reduce_quality_flag on when the CPU is heavily loaded.
      -4: New command line option to toggle whether ignore reduce_quality_flag.
	By default, TiMidity uses reduce_quality_flag.

1999-08-20  Masanao Izumo <>

    * interface/{w32g*,},timidity/w32g_a.c,
      Update new version of Windows GUI.
    * timidity/{playmidi.c,controls.h} (RC_TUNE_END) Used for skip
      current playing.  This changes may be useful to play backward order of
    * timidity/miditrace.c (trace_wait_samples): Bug fixed.  This fix
      would down the CPU load in the trace mode.

1999-08-19  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/{controls.h,playmidi.c} (CTLE_MAXVOICES): New macro for
      `voices' change.

1999-08-18  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * libarc/url_dir.c (d_ino): Ignore to check d_ino on Windows.

1999-08-18  Masanao Izumo <>

    * interface/ncurs_c.c (GSLCD): Draw GSLCD SysEx.
      Note that LCD is cleard if there is no message between 10 second.
    * interface/ncurs_c.c: Enable to display channels more than 16ch.
      The terminal must be able to display more than 24 rows to display
      more than 16ch.

1999-08-17  Masanao Izumo <>

    * interface/{common.c,common.h} (path_strchr, path_strrchr):
      New function to find path separator.
    * timidity/timidity.h (IS_PATH_SEP): New macro to test whether
      the character is the path separator.
    * interface/{ncurs_c.c,w32g_utl.c},
      Fix comparation of path separator.
	- Use `IS_PATH_SEP(c)' instead of `c == PATH_SEP'.
	- Use `pathsep_strchr(str)' instead of `strchr(str, PATH_SEP)'
	- Use `pathsep_strrchr(str)' instead of `strrchr(str, PATH_SEP)'
      Windows console ncurses interface recognizes both
      "/" and "\" as path separator.
    * utils/{bitset.c,bitset.h} (check_bitset,change_bitset): New function.
1999-08-16  Masanao Izumo <>

    * interface/x_wrdwindow.c: Works more stable for TrueColor.
    * interface/x_sherry.c: Don't draw the window in skipping.
    * interface/x_sherry.c: Bug fixed:
 	- Could not re-open window.
	- Printed unexpected character.

1999-08-15  Masanao Izumo <>
    * interface/x_sherry.c: Change debug message verbosity.
    * interface/wrdt_x.c: Change debug message verbosity.

1999-08-13  Masanao Izumo <>

    * interface/ncurs_c.c: Fixed `L' command bug.

1999-08-11  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Version 2.4.1 released.

1999-08-11  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/linux_a.c: Fixed to adjust PM_REQ_GETSAMPLES.
    * interface/x_sherry.c (sry_text): Do nothing if string length is zero.
    * interface/soundspec.c: Multipuly 1.5 to results.
    * interface/w32g_c.c(ctl_read): In Windows GUI interface, if
      play_pause_flag is true, wait until any control message is received.
      There is no CPU usage during pause.
    * libarc/arc.c (regist_archive): Static function.  This function is
      no longer library interface function.
    * timidity/timidity.c (read_config_file): Don't remove the end of
      '#' followed by non-space.
    * timidity/{playmidi.h,playmidi.c,readmidi.c,mac_c.c}:
      Make a new MidiEvent type `ME_GSLCD' and the interface control message
      `CTLE_GSLCD'.  If ME_GSLCD is received, TiMidity sends CTLE_GSLCD to
      the interface.
    * timidity/{common.c,timidity.c} (open_file_noise_mode): new global
      variable to pass `noise_mode' of open_file() to arc_error_handler.
    * wrdt.c: Make more elegant.
    * x_wrdwindow.c (gscreen_plane_mask): Bug fix.

1999-08-10  Masanao Izumo <>

    * libarc/arc.c (): Bug fixed to extract `-lh0-' and `-lz4-' of the lha.
    * interface/x_sherry.c: Bug fixed to create SHM pixmap.
    * libarc/{arc.h,arc.c}: Removed `pool' from ArchiveHandler.
      Use static variable arc_buffer in arc.c instead of ArchiveHandler.pool.
      `arc_buffer' is internal usage only.
    * timidity/playmidi.c (apply_controls): usleep(300000) if play_pause_flag.
    * interface/{w32g_c.c,w32g_canvas.c}:
      Fixed update timing for channel bar mode.

1999-08-09  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Version 2.4.0 released.

1999-08-09  Masanao Izumo <>
            Takaya Nogami <>
    * utils/{support.c,mac_readdir.c,mac_util.c,mac_util.h},
      Imported Macinotsh sources from the 1999.8.7 of T.Nogami released
      Added GS lcd event by T.Nogami.

1999-08-08  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/playmidi.c (ctl_updatetime): New function to
      update interface time.
    * timidity/common.c (DECOMPRESSOR_LIST, PATCH_CONVERTERS):
      Ignored for Windows.  These filters are not worked yet.
    * interface/w32g.h (RC_EXT_UPDATE_PLAYLIST): New macro.
    * interface/{w32g_c.c,w32g_i.c}: w32g_update_playlist() only
      called from w32g_c.c.  Don't call it from w32g_i.c.
    * interface/vt100_c.c: Change a old copyright to new one.

1999-08-07  Masanao Izumo <>

    * libarc: Make archive library code more simple.
      Some interfaces are changed.
      New archive library can expand more archive files.
    * timidity/{timidity.c,common.c} interface/{ncurs_c.c,xaw_c.c}:
      Change to new libarc interface.
    * timidity/playmidi.c (midi_program_change):
      Don't change the instrument of SPECIAL_PROGRAM channel.
    * timidity/output.h (PM_REQ_GETFILLABLE): New macro.
      play_mode->acntl(PM_REQ_GETFILLABLE, &fillable) gets
      number of samples can write.
    * timidity/output.h (PM_REQ_GETFILLED): New macro.
      play_mode->acntl(PM_REQ_GETFILLED, &filled) gets
      number of samples in audio device.
    * timidity/aq.c (aq_fillable): Check PM_REQ_GETFILLABLE.
    * timidity/aq.c (aq_filled): Check PM_REQ_GETFILLED.
    * timidity/linux_a.c (acntl):
      PM_REQ_GETSAMPLES, and PM_REQ_FLUSH are implemented.
      (Tested SOUND_VERSION 0x030802)
    * timidity/aq.c (aq_flush): Avoid unterminated loop.
    * interface/ncurs_c.c: Bug fixed about displaying instrum name scroll.

1999-08-02  Masanao Izumo <>

    * interface/w32g_i.c (hListWnd, hSettingWnd): Create at first open.
    * interface/w32g_i.c (w32g_i_init): New function.  It is called just
      last of w32g_initialize().
    * interface/w32g_canvas.c (TmCanvasMode): Global.
    * interface/w32g_i.c (SettingWndApply): Restore ctl->trace_playing after
    * interface/w32g_i.c: Remove warning message that was displayed when
      a user tries to change the timidity parameter.

1999-08-01  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Version 2.3.0 released.

1999-07-31  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/playmidi.c (compute_data):  Move the call of apply_controls()
      position to before output.
    * timidity/playmidi.c (play_midi_file): Initialize `current_file_info'
      at beginnig of play_midi_file();
    * timidity/readmidi.h (IS_ERROR_FILE): New macro to mark the error file.
    * timidity/playmidi.c (play_midi_file): Mark IS_ERROR_FILE to
      current_file_info if the file isn't recognized as MIDI file.
    * timidity/playmidi.c: Enabled to control playing position during pause.
    * interface/{w32g.h,w32g_c.c,w32g_canvas.c,w32g_i.c,w32g_ini.c,
       - Re-maked Windows GUI interface.
       - Added new feature of changing the output.  Now, Windows GUI TiMidity
	 can convert MIDI to WAVE file.
       - Enabled to delete playlist file.
	 [Delete] Key:    Delete the CurSel item.
	 [BackSpace] Key: Delete the upper of CurSel item.

1999-07-30  Masanao Izumo <>
    * timidity/controls.h (CTLE_PAUSE): New macro for pause event.
    * timidity/playmidi.c (ctl_pause_event): New function to send CTLE_PAUSE.
    * timidity/ncurs_c.c (display_aq_ratio): Bug fixed division by zero.
    * timidity/aq_c.c (aq_setup): Clear the queue for file output.
    * timidity/{controls.h,timidity.c} (CTLF_AUTOSTART, CTLF_AUTOEXIT):
      New macro for ControlMode.
      CTLF_AUTOSTART is toggle on/off with -i?a option.
      CTLF_AUTOEXIT is toggle on/off with -i?x option.

1999-07-28  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/w32_a.c (wait, wait_playing): Changed wait to wait_playing.
    * timidity/w32_a.c (PM_REQ_FLUSH): Implemented.
    * timidity/miditrace.c (trace_nodelay): Removed.  Use !ctl->trace_playing
      instead of midi_trace.nodelay.

1999-07-27  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/{controls.h,playmidi.c} (RC_STOP): New macro for interface
      to terminate playing.
    * timidity/{timidity.c,playmidi.c} (intr): Uncommented.  Ctl-C marks
      `intr' true, and TiMidity will shutdown safety.

1999-07-26  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/playmidi.c (voice reduction):
      Improved both in quality and in speed.
    * timidity/{timidity.c,playmidi.c} (auto polyphony reduction):
      Added new feature of auto polyphony reduction.  This feature is
      enabled/disabled with -p a option.  It is enabled by default.

1999-07-25  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/timidity.c (opt_aq_max_buff, opt_aq_fill_buff,
      output_text_code): Fixed memory leak.
    * interface/{w32g_utl.c,w32g_utl.h} (SETTING_TIMIDITY): Reconstructed.
    * timidity/playmidi.c (play_pause_flag): Global variable.

1999-07-24  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/timidity.c (set_tim_opt): Orderd switch-case.
    * timidity/timidity.c (set_ctl): Changed for Windows GUS.
    * timidity/instrum.c (Instrument caching): Don't cache default instrument.
    * interface/w32g_utl.c (PLAYLIST): Bug fixed and simplify.

1999-07-23  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/playmidi.c (Voice reduction): Improved.

1999-07-21  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/aq.c (aq_add): Buffering in non trace mode.

1999-07-19  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Version 2.2.0 released.

1999-07-19  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/ (EXTRA_timidity_SOURCES): Added timpp32g.ini
    * interface/soundspec.c: Support screen depth 16, 24, and 32.

1999-07-17  Masanao Izumo <>
    * interface/w32g_c.c, timidity/{timidity.c,aq.c} (-q): New option.
      `-q' specifiy size of software audio buffering.  The option format
      is "-q m/n".
	m:Maxmum buffer in second or percent of size of device driver buffer
	n:Filled to start in second or percent of size of device driver buffer
      The default is "5.0/100%".
    * timidity/timidity.c (help): Arranged the help message of option in order.
    * timidity/timidity.c (open_pager): In Windows console version, Enable
      to pipe "PAGER" to display help message.  For example:
      > set PAGER=more
      > timidity -h
      Bug fixed (isatty).
    * (isatty): Check for `isatty' function.
    * utils/{nkflib.c,net.c}, libarc/arc_zip.c,
      timidity/{output.c,wrd_read.c,common.c}: Shut gcc warning up.
    * Fixed bug about X path option.
    * timidity/timidity.h (NLS): Change to "\n" for cygwin.
    * interface/gtk_c.c (trace_playing): False by default.
    * interface/gtk_c.c (ctl_current_time): Update whether trace_playing
      is true or false.
    * interface/gtk_c.c (cmsg): Likewise.
    * interface/gtk_c.c (_ctl_refresh): Obsoleted.

1999-07-16  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/playmidi.c (Voice reduction): Improved.
      Powerful MIDI file less skip, and sound better!

1999-07-13  Norikatsu Shigemura <>

    * timidity/nas_a.c: Fixed the problem that occurs with
      'timidity -On /dev/null'.
    * Fixed building for FreeBSD Objects.  Please specify
      configure option '--with-elf' if you create ELF object, otherwise
      create AOUT object.  This option is only for FreeBSD.

1999-07-12  Masanao Izumo <>

    * interface/{ncurs_c.c,vt100_c.c}: (reverb): Just remove about
      reverb control interface.  It is not supported reverb control
      interface in the current version yet.

1999-07-09  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Version 2.1.1 released.

1999-07-09  Masanao Izumo <>

    * interface/xaw_i.c (redrawAction): Redraw once at last expose event.

1999-06-23  Masanao Izumo <>

    * utils/{support.c,support.h} (sleep, usleep): Modify the implementation.

1999-06-22  Masanao Izumo <>

    * libarc/arc_tar.c: Use checksum whether the tar file is valid or not.
      "ustar" magic is ignored.

1999-06-14  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Add new Makefile target to build timidity-tools.
    * Add new Makefile target to build UMP.

1999-06-10  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Version 2.1.0 released.

1999-06-05  Michael Haardt <>

    * timidity/nas_a.c: Reduce BUFFERED_SECS to 3 and increase

1999-05-22  Keiichi Sakai <>

    * timidity/{timidity.h,resample.c}:  Enable a multi-point interpolation
	in resampling.  In timidity, defining CSPLINE_INTERPOLATION cause
	4-point interpolation by cubic spline curve.  Defining
	LAGRANGE_INTERPOLATION cause 4-point interpolation by Lagrange method.
	The default is disabled because it wastes much CPU power.

1999-05-20  Takanori Watanabe <>

    * timidity/list_a.c: Bug fix.

1999-05-16  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/common.c(pathcasecmp): pathcasecmp() was not forcing the
      right variable types for s1 and s2. The way it was before resulted in
      pointers to total garbage, which caused it to not sort properly.

1999-05-04  Vignaud Jean-Baptiste <>

    * timidity/timidity.h: Fix typedef for linux axp.

1999-05-02  Nando Santagata <>

    * doc/C/timidity.1: Document the -Z option.
    * timidity/{,common.h,loadtab.c,timidity.c} (-Z):
      New option: -Z <file>: Load frequency table from <file>.

1999-04-29  Noboru Suzaki <>

    * timidity/linux_a.c (open_output): Remove O_NDELAY

1999-04-28  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Version 2.0.2 released.

1999-04-28  Masanao Izumo <>

    * README,, INSTALL, Update

1999-04-27  Masanao Izumo <>

    **-sgi-irix6.2): Define SGI_OLDAL.
    * timidity/{sndfont.c,sun_a.cwrd_read.c,timidity.c},
      interface/{motif_i.c,x_sherry.c}: Remove c++ comment style "//"

1999-04-26  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/audriv_a.c: Bug fix.

1999-04-18  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * interface/ncurs_c.c (lastbends, ctl_pitch_bend): Bug fix.

1999-04-25  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Version 2.0.1 released.

1999-04-24  Masanao Izumo <>

    * (--enable-dynamic): Bug fix.

1999-04-23  Masanao Izumo <>

    * interface/server_c.c (cmd_timebase): Bug fix.
    * interface/server_c.c (TMR_TEMPO): Ignore. (What is TMR_TEMPO ?)

1999-04-21  Masanao Izumo <>

    * (HAVE_X11_XMU_EXTAGENT_H): Test for <X11/Xmu/ExtAgent.h>
    * interface/xaw_redef.c(XmuRegisterExternalAgent): Don't use
      XmuRegisterExternalAgent if it is not defined.
    * xaw_i.c: Fix bug about directory browsing.
    * timidity/timidity.c (read_config_file): Avoid compiler warnings.
      timidity/aq.c (do_effect): Likewise.

1999-04-19  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/playmidi.c (play_midi_file): Reset the voice reduction
      variables at the beginning of each midi.

1999-04-18  Masanao Izumo <>

    * common.makefile interface/ doc/
      Use variable `SUFFIXES', not target `.SUFFIXES' (for automake 1.4)
    * timidity/resample.c (pre_resample): Fixed interger overflow bug.
    * timidity/recache.c (resamp_cache_refer_off): Likewise.

1999-04-17  Masanao Izumo <>

    * Version 2.0.0 released.

1999-04-17  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/playmidi.c: Fix portamento controls.

1999-04-16  Masanao Izumo <>

    * interface/{xaw_c.c,xaw_i.c}: Clean up unused variable.
    * timidity/w32_a.c (output_data): -B 8 in minimum.
    * New configure option --enable-esd to configure EsounD
       output.  EsounD is not enabled by default.

1999-04-15  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/linux_a.c (output_data): Error is ignored.
    * interface/server_c.c timidity/playmidi.c: Re-write the code to play
      streamed MIDI.
    * timidity/playmidi.c: Fixed voice reduction.

1999-04-14  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/playmidi.c (new_chorus_voice): Chose 42 as the maximum
      chorus cutoff level.

1999-04-13  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/w32_a.c timidity/timpp32g.ini interface/w32g_main.c:
      Change default output rate to 33075.
      This rate is supported by most soundcards.
    * timidity/timidity.c (timidity_start_initialize): The first random
      number generated by the generator is often the same number. So
      call it once before using it for any real random numbers.

1999-04-12  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/aq.c (aq_set_dev_queuesize, max_device_qsize): Obsolete.
    * interface/srever_c.c timidity/playmidi.c timidity/playmidi.h: Change
      some variables, function names, and the implementations.
    * interface/srever_c.c (do_timing): Fix bug.
    * interface/srever_c.c (ctl_pass_playing_list): data-port argument is
      optional.  The port number would be decided by socket driver.

1999-04-14  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * timidity/playmidi.c: Improve voice reduction algorithm.

1999-04-11  Eric A. Welsh <>

    * interface/ncurs_c.c: Use __W32__ instead of __WIN32__.
    * timidity/sndfont.c timidity/mac_qt_a.c: Remove obsoleted macro __WIN32__.

1999-04-11  Masanao Izumo <>

    * libarc/url.c (url_close): Don't access free memory.
    * timidity/timidity.c timidity/instrum.c interface/ncurs_c.c:
      Add new feature of soundfont assignment.  New syntax of *.cfg:
      # Syntax:
      # For drumset
      # <keynote> %font <soundfont> 128 <preset> <keynote> [options]
      # For melodic instrument
      # <prog> %font <soundfont> <bank> <preset> [keynote] [options]
      # Note that bank 128 is used for drumset patch in soundfont file.
      # The prefix name "%font" is special to load the patch from
      # soundfont.
      # For example.
      bank 0
      24 %font /usr/local/lib/timidity/sfbank/Nylon_Guita_1.sf2 0 0
    * timidity/linux_a.c (AFMT_S16_NE): Define AFMT_S16_NE if it is not
    * timidity/playmidi.c (recompute_freq): Modulation wheel rate was depended
      on vibrato rate in v2 beta-4 and beta-5.  But this dependance causes bad
      detuned note if vibrato rate is slow.  So the dependance is disabled.

1999-04-10  Masanao Izumo <>

    * interface/server_c.c:  Support interactive mode (non TMR_START mode).
    * timidity/linux_a.c: Define AFMT_S16_NE if it is not defined.
    * timidity/playmidi.c (play_event, play_midi):  Move function call of
      play_mode->acntl(PM_REQ_MIDI) into play_event().

1999-04-09  Albert K T Hui <>

    * acinclude.m4,, timidity/esd_a.c, timidity/output.c:
      Added EsounD output mode (-Oe)

1999-04-07  Masanao Izumo <>

    * The test for <ncurses/curses.h> is failure on Plamo Linux
    1.3/ncurses 1.9.9e in spite of existance of /usr/include/ncurses/curses.h:
    /usr/include/ncurses/curses.h:34: unctrl.h: No such file or directory
    But surely there is unctl.h at /usr/include/ncurses/unctrl.h.
    So I added -I/usr/include/ncurses option to CPPFLAG.

1999-04-07  Masanao Izumo <>

    * timidity/w32_a.c (acntl):  Support PM_REQ_GETQSIZ request.

1999-04-07  Takaya Nogami <>

    * timidity/mac_qt_a.c: Function play_midi() renamed to do_event().

1999-04-07  Masanao Izumo <>

    * ChangeLog: Change this format.

ChangeLog for beta series.
-- beta 5  ('>' prefix for 1.3.8 changes)
Major new features:
    - Supported to play streamed MIDI in realtime.  The stream format is
      same as OSS /dev/sequencer format.  TiMidity read the MIDI events
      via TCP/IP.  See the protocol in the source code
    - Portamento control time is completely adjusted.
    - Expanded playlist files (.m3u, .pls, and .asx).

Date: Tue Apr 6 1999
From: Masanao Izumo <>
Files: timidity/common.c
    Modified expand_file_lists() implementation.

>Date: Sun, 4 Apr 1999 18:14:43 +1000 (EST)
>From: David Gibson <>
>Files: timidity/linux_a.c
>    The two bugs are both in the linux audio driver. Firstly, the driver opens
>    /dev/dsp for both reading and writing, where only writing is necessary.
>    Secondly, the code uses hard coded constants 8 and 16 to set the output
>    format on /dev/dsp. This fails on big-endian machines such as the PowerPC.
>    This patch makes the code use constants #defined by glibc.

Date: Sun Apr  4 21:05:37 JST 1999
From: Masanao Izumo <>
Files: timidity/playmidi.c timidity/readmidi/c timidity/mac_qt_a.c
    Passed the original value of MIDI control to the player.
Files: timidity/nas_a.c
    Enabled to synchronize NAS output tracing.
>Files: interface/x_wrdwindow.c
>   Fixed to change undefined color code to default color (white).

>Date: Sat, 03 Apr 1999 22:07:45 +0900 (JST)
>From: Yoshishige ARAI <>
>Files: interface/xaw_i.c doc/C/README.xaw doc/ja_JP.ujis/README.xaw
>    Fixed XAW bug.
>    Chnaged some discriptions for XAW document.

Date: Sat, 3 Apr 1999 19:33:28 +1000 (EST)
From: (Glenn Trigg)
Files: interface/gtk_i.c
    The ability to load and save play-lists. It uses the TIMIDITY_PLAYLIST_DIR
    environment variable as a default playlist directory where playlist files
    are saved to and load from. If that variable doesn't exist it just uses
    the current directory. A playlist file is simply a text file which has
    a list of midi filenames.
    A menu item which lets you clear the list of loaded midi files.
    I also changed a bunch of printf's in this file to g_warning's which
    removed the dependancy on stdio.h.

Date: Sat Apr 3 1999
From: Masanao Izumo <>
Files: interface/server_c.c timidity/playmidi.h timidity/playmidi.c
	timidity/readmidi/c timidity/readmidi.h
    Added TiMidity server interface which is invoked -ir.  And defined some
    new functions.

Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 11:47:27 +0900
From KINOSHITA, K.   <>
Files: timidity/mac_qt_a.c
    Changed to the newest Macintosh QuickTime audio driver code.
    (Ported to beta5 by Masanao Izumo)

Date: Wed Mar 31 1999
From: Masanao Izumo <>
Files: timidity/aq.c timidity/playmidi.c
    Fixed bug of aq_flush().
>Files: timidity/playmidi.c
>    Fixed bug of drumpart recognization.
>Files: interface/ncurs_c.c
>    Fixed bug about buffer over-running of comment_indicator_buffer.

From: Takaya Nogami <>
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1999 10:38:11 +0900
Files: timidity/wrd_read.c interface/VTPrsTbl.c timidity/output.c
    Fixed last screen updating for Sherry WRD.
>    Enabled clear screen with @esc(2j) command for MIMPI WRD.
>    Included <string.h> from output.c
Files: libarc/arc_lzh.c libarc/url_dir.c timidity/common.c utils/timer.c
    Patched for Macintosh.
	- Fixed to compile arc_lzh.c and url_dir.c
	- Enabled to read archive files.
	- Implemented get_current_calender_time().

Date: Fri Mar 26 1999
From: Masanao Izumo <>
    Imported Macinotsh sources from the 1999.3.13 of T.Nogami released

Date: Fri Mar 26 1999
From: Masanao Izumo <>
Files: timidity/playmidi.c timidity/tables.c
    Almost completely adjusted portamento rate.
Files: interface/
    Changed configure implementations.  Defined INTERFACE_SRCS macro to
    specify TiMidity interface sources.

Date: Thu, 25 Mar 1999 23:41:46 -0600 (CST)
From: "Eric A. Welsh" <>
Files: interface/ncurs_c.c
      Changed the 'p' command to restart the current song if looping
    is disable and the current song is the 1st song in the playlist.
Files: timidity/common.c
      Created a expand_names_lists() function in common.c which is used to
    support the use of playlist files.  It checks for the extentions of
    .m3u, .pls, and .asx (extensions supported by WinAMP) to indicate a
    playlist file.  It then reads the files and inserts the file names
    inside the files in to the timidity playlist.  I also let it use any
    file "foo" if it is preceeded by an '@' on the command line arguments.
    `timidity @foo` would use the file "foo" as a playlist file.  This is
    syntax left over from some old MS-DOS system commands that I am used
    to using.

-- beta 4
Date: Wed Mar 24 1999
From: Masanao Izumo <>
Files: timidity/nas_a.c
    Removed PF_CAN_TRACE flag from NAS PlayMode because NAS can't trace
    playing correctly.
    Fixed NAS encoding to PE_16BIT|PE_SIGNED.

Files: interface/w32*
    In Windows GUI interface, added dialog to setup some option parameters.
    Based on autoconf-2.13 and automake-1.4.
    --with-x option is `yes' by default.

Date: Fri Mar 23 1999
From: Masanao Izumo <>
Files: interface/xaw_i.c interface/xaw_redef.c
    Implemeted re-definition for -lXaw(3d)'s vendorShellWidgetClass
    if Motif interface was linked.

Date: Fri Mar 19 1999
From: Masanao Izumo <>
Files: timidity/playmidi.c
    Changed calcration parameter of audio reduction for small audio buffer.
Files: interface/ncurs_c.c
    Changed the place of audio queue displaying.

Date: 17 Mar 1999 22:26:32 -0000
From: Michael Haardt <>
Files: timidity/nas_a.c
    Added audio interface for NAS (Network Audio Sound)

Date: Wed Mar 17 1999
From: Masanao Izumo <>
Files: timidity/tables.c
    Changed some parameters or implementations:
	- Volume table for GS and XG
	- Modulation wheel rate
	- midi_time_table[]: changes portamento speed and NRPN vibrato delay.
	- Time of aq.c:aq_wait_ticks()

Date: Sat Mar 13 1999
From: Masanao Izumo <>
Files: timidity/common.c
    Fixed bug about reading WRD MIDI archive via http.

Date: Sat, 13 Mar 1999 15:49:35 +0900
From: Takaya Nogami <>
Files: interface/x_sherry.c timidity/wrd_read.c
    Fixed bug about Sherry WRD.

-- beta 3
Date: Fri Mar 12 1999
From: Masanao Izumo <>
Files: interface/{w32g.h,w32g_btn.bmp,w32g_c.c,w32g_c.h,w32g_icon.ico,
    Ported Windows32 GUI from
Files: utils/{support.c,support.h}
    In Windows, modified sleep() and usleep() implementation.
Files: interface/{xaw.h,xaw_c.c,xaw_i.c}
    In XAW interface, modified about implementation for velocity bar updating.
Files: interface/{dumb_c.c,dynamic_c.c,emacs_c.c,gtk_c.c,mac_c.c,motif_c.c
    Added new member of `flags' to ControlMode structure.
    Added new control option.
	-i?l:	play loop (some interface ignore this option)
	-i?r:	randomize file list arguments
	-i?s:	sorting file list arguments

Thu Mar 11 1999
From: Masanao Izumo <>
Files: timidity/{wrdt.c,wrd_read.c,wrd.h,readmidi.h,playmidi.h}
    Modified Sherry WRD implementation.

Files: timidity/sndfont.c
    Fixed bug of soundfont.

Date: Wed Mar 10 1999
From: Masanao Izumo <>
Files: timidity/timidity.c
    Changed signal handling.

Date: Tue, 09 Mar 1999 15:36:44 +0900
From: "KINOSHITA, K." <>
Files: timidity/playmidi.h timidity/readmidi.c
    Added follows MIDI Events (Not play yet. Reading only)

Date: Tue, 09 Mar 1999 12:25:11 +0900
    Pached for OffiX.

Date: Tue Mar 9 1999
From: Masanao Izumo <>
Files: interface/x_sherry.c
    Optimized for Sherry WRD on TrueColor visual.

-- beta 2
Date: Mon Mar 8 1999
From: Masanao Izumo <>
Files: interface/x_sherry.c
    Handled Expose event to redraw the window.
    Optimized for SHM implementation.

Date: Sat Mar 6 1999
From: Masanao Izumo <>
Files: timidity/{timidity.c,output.c,aq.c,effect.c}
    Added effect.c to implement generic effecters.
    Move the noise shaping filter to effect.c from output.c.
    Obsoleted -n option.  Use -EFns=? instead of -n?.
Files: timidity/wave_a.c
    Fixed bugs.

Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 22:08:00 +0900
From: Takaya Nogami <>
Files: interface/x_sherry.c timidity/linux_a.c
    Fixed bugs.

The implementation notes.
  * timidity/timpp32g.ini
    Sample Ini file for Windows32 GUI

  * common.[ch]
    Added new function:
      randomize_string_list() is used to randomize string array.
      pathcasecmp() is used to compare the path.
      sort_pathname() is used to sort the path.

  * ControlMode:
    Added new member:
	#define CTLF_LIST_LOOP		(1u<<0)	/* -i?l */
	#define CTLF_LIST_RANDOM	(1u<<1)	/* -i?r */
	#define CTLF_LIST_SORT		(1u<<2)	/* -i?s */
      This flags are used to tell the user preference to interface.
      Some interfaces (such as XAW) ignore this flags because they
      have own user preference interface.

  * WRDTracer
    Added new member function sherry() to trace Sherry WRD.

  * output.h, output.c
    Obsoleted member functions of PlayMode:
    New member function of PlayMode:
      acntl() - PlayMode.acntl() performs a variety of control functions for
    Changed member function of PlayMode:
      OLD: void (*output_data)(int32 *buf, int32 count);
      NEW: int (* output_data)(char *buf, int32 bytes);
      Now, output_data takes converted audio buffer and number of bytes of it.
      output_data() must write all of `buf'. It returns -1 if error occur,
      otherwise returns zero or positive value.
    About PlayMode.flag:
      Changed the macro name PF_NEED_INSTRUMENTS to PF_PCM_STREAM.
      Added the new flags:
	PF_MIDI_EVENT		- To send MIDI event to PlayMode via acntl().
	PF_BUFF_FRAGM_OPT	- To enable to set extra_param[0] as buffer
    Added new macro FILE_OUTPUT_MODE to open file for writing.
    FILE_OUTPUT_MODE is defined to
      Windows:	O_WRONLY|O_CREAT|O_TRUNC|O_BINARY, 0644
    Added new functions:
      int32 general_output_convert(int32 *buf, int32 count);
        Use to convert 32-bit audio wave to output format.
      int validate_encoding(int enc, int include_enc, int exclude_enc);
        Use to convert specified encoding to validate encoding.

  * effect.c:
    Move some effect routins into effect.c.
      Reverb effect (partial)
      Noise shaping filter	(move from output.c)
      L/R delay effect		(move from playmidi.c)

  * do_reverb_flag as opt_reverb_control = 2;
  * play_midi_file() is more simple than that of v1.

Others notes:
automake --gnu interface/Makefile takes long time. why?
NAS: incorrect trace_playing.

ChangeLog for v1